Nice Details Make An Outift; Get Your Red On

The weekend is near.  What are your plans?  It’s my daughter’s 29th birthday so I’ll be traveling Saturday to have a late lunch with her.  Hopefully, we can shop a little while together.  She isn’t a devout shopper like I am but she does enjoy it every once in awhile.  Especially if I’m taking her out for a birthday dinner!

Yes, I realize my hair looks rough and it has been trimmed since these pictures were taken a few days ago (thanks Kristin!).  I’ve said it before but looking at your own picture provides an excellent self-reflection…good or bad.

The sleeves are what’s drew me to this blouse, along with it being  the perfect color for February.  The sheer sleeves are a feminine detail I really like.  This piece can be very dressy or casually dressed down.

I plan to style this blouse again in a week or two with jeans as an option for a Valentine’s Day outfit.

There were so many pretty detailed blouses!  I had to make myself stop looking! More to come soon.

Burgundy Sheer Sleeve Blouse

Vince Camuto


Dress Barn (under $20)



The black pencil skirt and ankle heels are several years old. The necklace was a gift from a friend.

The Diane Amaryllis is about to bloom! I think I said that last week but it seems it may be soon! Only two buds thus far.  I keep looking for a third.

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