Olive Shift Dress With Denim Jacket

Happy Sunday! We have a special lunch today after church with family for my oldest child’s 32nd birthday!  I can’t believe he is 32.  So thankful for my children!

I’m styling an olive shift dress I bought on sale the weekend my daughter and I shopped in Birmingham.  It’s The Limited brand and was on clearance so of course now it’s sold out. I hate when that happens.

Gap Midi

Gap Midi Shirtdress

I know it’s time for flash bronzer when my legs are the same color as my nude booties!

I should probably try different bronzers but once I discovered Lancôme Flash Bronzer, I stuck with it.  I’ve used it for years and it never fails.  It is subtle at first so you don’t have to worry about an unnatural look or an orange tint.

Apply one coat one day and another the next.  That works for me; giving me a little color but not too much. It will last several days. It is a little pricey ($42) but I only buy two tubes a year.  I use in the spring before I acquire a base tan and then in the fall while I’m still sporting bare legs but my tan has faded.

As I aged (ugh), I developed white spots which are not noticeable in the winter but shine as the skin is exposed to the sun.  This lotion tanner evens that out and helps the look of my legs.  It’s well worth what I pay for it.

Denim Jacket//Tan Booties//Nude Sunglasses

Hopefully, you have a day off tomorrow!! Working or not, have a good one and thank you for your support!  

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