Oreo Poke Cake for a Large Crowd

Need a decadent dessert for a large crowd?  Well, here it is! Oreos, pudding and chocolate cake make for a large, large dish of sweet calories!

Not for the faint of heart, this stuff is rich! It’s very good but I could only eat a few bites at a time.

The recipe calls for Oreo instant pudding mix but I only had vanilla flavor.  In my opinion, it tasted just as well.

It was a little thick; I kept adding milk to thin it but it never poured into the poke holes. It just sat on top like a frosting.  A small amount of pudding made it to the bottom of the cake, but not like it should have.

Not one, but two layers of crumbled Oreos with Cool Whip slathered in between was added next.  Do you believe me now about the richness of this dessert?

Done! Five layers of lusciousness.  This was a winner and enjoyed by the friend it was made for.

Scores a 9/10 only because my pudding was just too thick!

Oreo Poke Cake Recipe

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