Oven Hot Dogs

I have to say, before trying these, my favorite hot dog was at a ball park or football stadium. But there was something about squishing seven ingredients into hot dog buns and baking them that was very appealing to me.

Before the cooking of all the good stuff!

That’s chopped onions in my Joanna measuring cup.  Kind of hard to tell in this pic.

Recipe makes eight dogs.

Back it up, I closed the hot dogs before everything was added.  Read directions again and take two!

Before I could bake these my brother came over; so he took his home to bake.  He and his wife are my official taste testers!

Here are a couple of mine all mushy and cheesy! Must use a fork to eat.

I shared the rest of them with my son today.  I am such a giving person 😌

Definitely a 10/10, even the day after!  I think the sweet relish was what put them over the top.  A very subtle sweet addition.

Thanks to Alyssabyoung.com for the recipe! It was delish!

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