Patriotic Colors Already In Your Closet

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Well, looky here! I wore this casual shorts’ outfit to my yearly dermatologist check-up and my doctor commented on my top being so appropriate for the upcoming holiday.  I actually had to look down and see what colors I had on.

I’ve never considered this one as a patriotic look, but it checks all the boxes!  Have you looked in your closet lately? I’m just betting you have red, white or blue in there somewhere; especially if you live in Alabama. Roll Tide fans have tons of red and white, while Auburn lovers sport navy blue.

My Ralph Lauren top is over a year old so no longer available.  Below are some pretty options.

Macy’s//Venus//Forever21 Plus

Play up your colors with statement earrings. These are Loft Straw Hoops (only white and black available).



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Stars Tee from Wal-Mart Post

This is what I will be wearing for the cookout/fireworks’ celebration tonite.  I need a cotton tshirt and shorts to stay cool in our humid ninety degree weather. There is also a chance of rain so fingers crossed for a clear night and spectacular fireworks.

My mother’s 88th birthday is tomorrow the 5th so everyone will be decked out in red, white and blue once again.  I’ll have that outfit on tomorrow’s post. It will be super casual because it will be a pool party at my brother’s home.

🇺🇸Have a wonderful Independence Day! 🇺🇸

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