Plaid Season Is Among Us…Or Was It Always Here?

Sometimes in life, something comes along that you just can’t resist. Well, that something has been presented to me. I hope you enjoy.

This post was written by a man so enamored with the pattern of plaid that he wanted to write a guest post on my blog. His favorite show “The Middle” may not have begun this man’s love of plaid (I’m thinking that began with his first onesie at birth), but Mike Heck has definitely reinforced this man’s almost daily use of it as a four season fashion statement.
What follows may frighten or entertain you. You have been warned.

Plaidy Daddy here with a fashion feast for your consumption. It appears that plaid season is upon us. Remember, plaid comes in many distinctions and can be donned for any occasion. I chose this flirtatious ensemble because the beige framework of this design brings a subtle, but heightened contrast to the delicate hue of the overlying denim creating a concert of imagery with provincial style and appeal. Keep your eyes on the plaid ladies. EYES ON THE PLAID!  

(Post written by LW)

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(photo credit: daughter of LW)

As cool as PlaidDaddy looks in his Overalls/Plaid ensemble, others can also rock the look.  My week of Plaidtastic has begun and is now on my blog!

Layering Your Plaid

    Pink Plaid


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