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Well, hello Hump Day!

Next week is spring break which means nine days off from school (yes, I’m counting weekends also). I have three appointments (dental and doctor).  Plus, I plan to make a list and accomplish a few spring cleaning tasks.  I know, I know, you are all jealous of my exciting lifestyle.

Going to the dentist will take a lot of courage on my part.  It’s a new doctor for me and I know I will have to have a new crown on one tooth and probably a root canal on another.  My old crown shot out of my mouth last spring as I was flossing.  I was so shocked I couldn’t move for a moment.  I borrowed my mom’s Polident and that worked for about five minutes.  I do not recommend that course of action.

The exposed tooth hasn’t given me any pain thus far so it was easy to put off.  I just have to suck it up and make myself go.  Not something I’m looking forward to that’s for sure!

Guess what’s back????? My Amaryllis is shooting up again! Yay.  Update pic at the bottom.

Today I’m pulling from my closet and finding basics you all already have.  Sometimes its easy to forget that the simplest outfit, when styled on purpose, can be one of the best.

Wearing sneakers for errands or even to school is perfect.  Incorporating a skirt instead of jeans or yoga pants steps up your outfit with only a small effort on your part.

Every piece I am wearing is years old but easy to find if you don’t already own.  I’ve linked similar below.  My skirt is bandage style and very stretchy.  It’s also longer, so for this outfit, I folded down the waistband to make it about an inch shorter.  That takes away the potential frumpy look. My petite pendant necklace is from Maurice’s and makes a nice casual statement.



Vintage White Loft

JCP Knit Stretch Skirt

Converse Chuck Taylor’s


3 UNDER $30

Target (also in brown)

Round Rattan Bag

Knotted Kaari Blue Espadrilles

(I tried on these Espadrilles at Belk and oh my…heaven for my feet!)


It’s so fun watching things grow!

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