Purple Stripe Twist Tie Dress

Photobombed by a flying insect!  I had to include this shot for two reasons…it’s a good shot of the side of the dress and how many times do you catch a pic of a bug flying across your cheek? Btw, it never touched me, I didn’t know it was there until I proofed the pictures.

I saw this cute summer dress on another bloggers post and wanted it immediately. Stripes, soft comfy material and waist ruching for shape.

The dress photographs red but is really purple.  I was a bit surprised when I opened it but I like the color. It is listed as Baton Rouge Egret.  I had to look up the egret bird to see what color it is; off white! That didn’t help a bit.  Who the heck knows what color Baton Rouge is? I didn’t know a city could be a color, lol.

Anyway, the Concepts dress is an amazing price and I put it on to take pics as soon as I could to get it up on the blog, hence the wrinkle releaser wet spot.  The price is great and I’m sure it will sell out soon.

As I have stated before, Walmart has stepped up their game with clothing brands.

It’s almost football season so yep, I’ll now be using more sports idioms.

Striped Dress//Tory Burch Millers

Kohl’s//Old Navy//Nordstrom


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