Red Dress At A Great Price

Oh my! Unfortunately, this red dress is very appropriate today because my air is out and as we say in the south it is “hot as fire” at my house. Temps are hitting mid nineties and the inside of my house is 82 today. On top of cable was out yesterday!

When inside, I’m sitting very still under the fan and drinking lots of water, lol.  It’s the only way to stay comfortable.  I am the fifth person I know personally that has had to replace their cooling unit in the last few weeks.  My son being one of them. I’m hoping mine can be fixed rather than replaced.  It’s only five years old so there is still a warranty on it.

I gripe and complain but these things are unimportant in the grand scheme of things. It will all work out, I’m sure…I hope!

Please do not discard JCPenney for dresses just because they are at a lower price point. I’ve been extremely pleased with the quality of their dresses and have one to show you today and another tomorrow.

A dress with its own embellishments, such as these two zippers on the front doesn’t need a necklace. I added a couple of bangles and a touch of red in the earrings.

JCPenney//Belk//Dress Barn//Macy’s


These are great summer shoes that I’ve worn for several years.  They complement a structured dress but still give the outfit a summer feel. I have the shoes in brown and black.  Similar

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