Red Looks Great On You!

Did you know red looks good with almost every skin tone?  The trick is learn whether you look best in deep red, orange-y red or pinkish red (I hope you notice I used very intellectual terms here, lol).

I’m about to share how to do this without having to pay for an expensive stylist.  Try on seshes (thinking that’s not really a word).  Take a friend or do it alone.  I prefer alone because I have very nice friends and I’m not sure they would be brutally honest.  Either way, take pics.  The more you look at yourself in different colors, the more you will know.  In turn, you will begin to buy the colors that are most flattering!

Red draws attention, lights up your face and brings color where needed.  As we age (ahem), we lose natural color and begin to look sallow.  Vibrant colors look best on us.

Let’s talk about this “first day back at school” hair.  Yikes!  I had no idea it looked this bad; I’ll try and do better!

I cannot say enough about this Caslon slug tee.  This is the kind of top I could wear everyday.  So comfy and soft.  I’ve already gone back to the Nordstrom and added the black stripe to my cart.  It comes in six different colors and two of them are stripes; which is my weakness.

The cut of the neckline and the waist tie keeps it from being just a regular ole button tee.  Do size down.  I normally wear a medium and this is a small.  I love that about Nordstrom.  They note whether an item is true to size or not, even in footwear.

I added a block style heel for a little outfit interest. White fan earrings help boost the spring effect!

Caslon Top (size small)

My jeans are JCP but boo, hiss, hiss, they are now out of stock.

Cuffed jeans are extra trendy right now.  This pair is in my cart.  I’ll let you know what I think.


Because of where the denim fringe hits my shins, a higher heel looks best.  It elongates my legs and looks a little dressier than flats.  Having said that, I’m sure I will wear slides or sneakers with these jeans at some point.



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