Roundup Of Vacation Outfits

Last pictures of my vacation…for now, lol.  As much as I love traveling (and I do), I’m always glad to stay home for awhile.  Summer days are so nice; even if I am just doing chores around home and working on the blog.

It’s been a busy few days.  My son and daughter-in-law are moving to a new home but have two weeks in limbo.  They are staying with her mom and dad so all their earthly belongings are in four different garages right now.  I’m just thankful they will soon be settled in for the remaining months of their pregnancy.  Baby Daisey needs her room ready!

A little sleepy-eyed but excited! Leaving for ATL airport.  Traveling outfit.

Each link will take you to that particular post.  Most of the items are still available and on sale!

Spotted in the Caribbean

Fringe & Pink

Seersucker Pinstripes & White Linen

Scalloped Red Checked Shorts

Feminine Ruffle Tank

Colors that match the ocean!

Red Stripes  & White Shorts

On the way to church! Pink Tank Dress

Yes, I realize my head is cut off.  Temps were in the nineties and after the hustle and bustle of heading to the GC airport, my hair suffered greatly. On the up side, I was very comfortable on the trip home (with a gray cardigan stashed in my carry-on). That extra layer came in handy on the Miami to ATL flight, brrrrr.

A crossbody purse is a must when flying. Hands are free for passport/boarding pass access.

Grand Cayman #12 is in the books. Great trip, awesome friends, priceless!

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