Royal Cross Strap Top, Denim and Leopard

Still at the beach…braving a category 3 hurricane! Actually, strong wind gusts have been the worst thing thus far, but the ocean waves have been pretty fierce. I’m sure it will get worse in a day or so.  Thankfully, we are leaving out this morning for home.  

Prayers for everyone here to stay safe.

Prelude to Hurricane Michael

Strappy royal blue top is great for this time of year, even at the windy beach!

I don’t believe I have ever worn jeans at the beach before but they have been perfect for this trip.

I probably should have changed shoes since I had them on the blog yesterday but I won’t get much more wear out of these cuties this fall so…

Used my clear bag for the first time going out to a restaurant and gotta say, I’m pretty impressed.  It was stylish and very convenient.  It forced me to pare down my items for sure.  I will definitely be using it over and over.


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