Shorts Outfit With A Sleeve

I’m looking forward to a fun lunch today with five cousins and my mother.  They wanted to take her out for her birthday (she turned 88 on July 5th. I feel sure there won’t be a quiet moment the entire time.


The holiday weekend is over but summer certainly isn’t! It is hot, hot, hot here in Alabama. If I could, I would wear shorts and a sleeveless top every day but most places are just too cold. Restaurants, grocery stores, shopping malls, etc. are usually freezing. I end up taking a sweater or cardigan everywhere I go.

One way I have found to deal with the cold is to wear a 3/4 or long sleeve with my shorts.  For some reason, my legs do not get as cold as my arms.

Today, I’m styling a top I would normally wear in the early spring or fall.  I’m trying to think out of the box and use more pieces year round.

My top has an adorable gold owl with black eyes. Find a fun top with sleeves and your outfit will be comfortable and stylish for the summer air conditioning.

The shorts are Crown & Ivy.

Sandals are Michael Kors //similar


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