Side Table Makeover: From Cheap to Cute

I don’t even know where this three legged table came from. All I know is that it is fiber board and people long ago placed a tablecloth and usually a lamp on it.


I have no idea from which store it came or if it could even be found now.  It was cheap and it has been hidden in a back closet for years.

Now it’s an attractive side table in a corner nook.  I simply brush painted the entire table white, placed painters’ tape around the legs;  above the line of where I wanted the gold paint to end.  Then I spray painted below the tape.  Voila!

Giraffe, Hydrangea and Awaken Pillow – Hobby Lobby // Tray –Hospice ThriftStore //  Gold Vase – Glass Vase I Spray Painted // Floral Side Chair – Overstock  // Three Legged Lamp – Overstock // Straw Hat – Thrift Store in Franklin TN

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