Step Up A Casual Look With These Five Florals

Countdown to spring break! Four more days of school, then a week off.  I don’t know why I’m so excited, so far I have a dental appointment scheduled and I’m taking my mom to a doctor’s appointment.  I live a very exciting life (insert eye roll).

I think we all need a break because our winter has been so rainy and messy.  Maybe if we are out for spring break, then spring will actually occur!

I’m styling another Loft blouse today.  Mainly because I received both this one and the one from yesterday a few days ago and I like to put them up on the blog as soon as possible.  They sell out so fast and nothing is as frustrating as showing you all a cute piece and not being able to link it.

This pretty floral blouse is still available and at the time of this writing, is 40% off.  If you aren’t a familiar with Loft; and I wasn’t until I began blogging, it is a spin-off of Ann Taylor.  The clothes are more casual and afforable.  There are plenty of brick and mortar stores but the closest one to me are an hour away.

I have been extremely pleased with their online service.  Everything I have ordered has been on sale and sent to me within a few days. I haven’t had to return anything thus far.

I normally would think yellows and golds would work better in the fall but this top has enough white to look summery.  The material is thin and lightweight.  I’m styling it today with denim, olive and white.  Don’t you love a versatile piece?

I styled the blouse three ways; all out, half tucked and my favorite, a front knot.

I’ll put the top away in the heat of the summer (even though I could wear it then because the material is thin), but I’ll definitely pull it out again later in the year.  Pairing it with black will be perfect for the fall season.

Loft Bloom Blouse





Olive Joggers Belk

Dillards Off White Wide Leg Pants

This post ended up being lengthy.  I didn’t link similar shoes but will be glad to if you are interested in these styles.

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