Stepping Up Your T-shirt Style

Well… you never know when you are going to have an adventure. I never expected this one, that’s for sure.

Jim and I worked around the house all day Saturday and were extremely tired.  We headed to a neighboring town for food and to unload all the equipment at his house (pressure washers and ladder).  I realized twenty minutes down the road that my phone was missing.  Luckily, I had my trusty iPad so we wheeled into Jack’s and I used their wifi to initiate the “find my iPhone” app.

Yep, there it was, showing up on my iPad on the side of a busy state highway right past a bridge.  It was not looking good at this point.  With the help of my SIL Wendy (she met us there so we could use her hotspot), we walked up and down the highway with my iPad, trying to locate my phone, in the dark. We had one phone flashlight and the weeds were at least a foot high.

After about thirty minutes, Jim found it, laying face down.  Luckily, it is bright yellow with glitter ( I knew there was a reason I chose that bright color). We never heard the alert though.  I guess the traffic and high grass drowned it out.

Here is the most amazing part.  It wasn’t harmed in any way.  It fell off the side of the truck bed rail. We assume going up the hill from the creek was what shook it off but we had already driven at least 12 miles going 50-60 miles an hour.  How it stayed on that long I will never know.

I do know I am now an even firmer believer in the Otterbox.  Whatever I paid for that case was well worth it.

Sorry that was so long but I just needed to share! God takes care of the careless and what I did was sooooo careless. 

This Zulily top ad came through my Instagram feed and I loved it immediately.  The navy/blush colors reminded me of fall and the tie dye is different than anything I have.









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