Stripe Sweater From Belk

We are back at school for the next three weeks. This time of year is so busy. It’s the end of a nine-week grading period and end of the first semester so lots to do before we break for Christmas.

Jim and I had so many grand plans yesterday after church. We were going to buy a live tree for his house and maybe even tackle a couple of small chores in his yard and driveway. He lives on top of a mountain in the woods and has a long, winding drive so it becomes covered with limbs and leaves this time of year. We accomplished nothing, unless you count binge watching “Breaking Bad” on Netflix. It was nice relaxing after a busy Thanksgiving week.

My New Direction sweater came in the other day and I was surprised to see the gold stripes had a subtle metallic look. I went back and looked at the description which says “with Lurex”.  I suppose that’s what Lurex is, lol. Even though I’m not typically a metallic kinda girl, I like it. Maybe it’s because it is just in the small stripe and it’s also the season to add a little glitz.

The sweater has large dolman sleeves and is very warm; it comes in two colors (other is below). I will either keep or give to my daughter (shhhh, don’t tell her).  I like it enough to keep for myself but she is fairly tall and has an issue with sleeves sometimes not being long enough, especially on sweaters. This one definitely would work on her.


Time & Tru Skirt






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