Striped Wrap Dress and Strappy Heels

Stripes and florals seem to be the trendiest patterns for fall. I’m seeing stripes in tops, pants and dresses.  They are super flattering and slimming.

I really like the colors in this dress.  I don’t feel mustard is a great tone for me even though I love it on other people.  Here is a way I can wear it!

I was also drawn to the different stripe widths.  It adds visual interest to the dress.

 The wrap dress first emerged during the depression but later gained popularity in the 70s.  I was young but I remember the Diane von Furstenberg influence. In 2004 an entire book was dedicated to the wrap dress!

Diane von Furstenberg It’s a Wrap

A small jeweled medallion necklace goes nicely with the v-neck. Envelope clutch completes the outfit.

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