Stripes and Knots: Two Hot Trends for Fall

If you have shopped at all this summer or scrolled through Pinterest you know that stripes and the knotted waist are two of the hottest trends for fall tops.  Both are very flattering so enjoy this fad while it lasts!

How do you feel about bright colors? If black, brown and gray define most of your wardrobe, consider adding a few brights to your neutrals.

This New Direction top adds interest to my black shorts, purse, earrings and sandals (which you will not see in this post because my legs looked weird in every picture)! So even though you can’t see them, I’m also wearing black shoes.

Wearing such a colorful, standout piece means that everything else I have on will be muted or solid.  I don’t want anyone to become dizzy or nauseated looking at my outfit!

Of course, you can mix patterns and prints but sometimes one piece needs to stand on its own.

I didn’t even feel I needed a necklace because my hoop earrings are large. I wear minimal jewelry in the heat of the summer anyway.

Ugh! Cannot believe the New Direction top is already sold out online.  I just bought it last week and thought for sure there would be a few left!  I linked LauralE Boutique above because the owner often features striped and knotted tops.  Message her through Facebook or Instagram to order.

Speaking of LauralE, the giveaway tomorrow comes from her cute boutique!  Can’t wait!!!

Football season is almost upon us and I’m already gearing up (no pun intended) with cool attire! We need to be recipe ready too and this Avocado Dip will be a must have snack for the games!

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