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Hello Hump Day!  I’m ready for you.

We were out Monday because a tornado came through our area.  No one was badly injured but homes, trees and power lines were damaged.  Praying for all affected.

Tuesday began our state testing at school.  No one enjoys this time of year but it’s like taxes.  Gotta happen.  Hopefully, we will perform well.  Today is the reading portion, which is what I teach.

Well, I’m slowly calming down from my baby euphoria.  I’m settling in to the thought of Daisey Kent rather than the “baby”.  How in the world did I go nine months both times with my babies without knowing their gender?  I didn’t have a clue (except Mother’s intuition) until they were born.

Back again, with my other two Time & Tru purchases.  I’m becoming a fan of these affordable trendy pieces.

Circle bags are hot again this summer.  The straw look is still going strong so this purse checks both boxes.  I love the color blocking.  If you need neutral, just turn it around! This tote comes in another stripe, several solids and is under $17.  Did I mention my entire order of four was less than $51?  I’m no mathematician but that averages out pretty well!

Striped Straw Circle Tote (also in pink stripe)

Solids (4 colors)

I’m enjoying my Tory Burch Miller Sandals.  They were not a budget buy but I’m planning on wearing them for years.  Classic style stays in style.  Hey, I just made that up, lol!

Can we talk about this hat???  To begin, I love almost anything written in cursive.  Being a teacher, I realize it is a dying art and it’s just so darned pretty.

I like the raw edge and the black trim.  It’s large enough to cover my 50+ year old face while I lounge in the sun and lastly, it’s under  $10.  How ’bout that?

Summer Vibes Hat

Daydreaming Hat

Flower Hat

After singing the cute hat’s praises; I have to say this…I can’t wear it! I have a tiny, tiny head and hats look terrible on me.  I so envy all the Real Housewives Stars, Pinterest and Insta Fashionistas out there who look so chic wearing hats.  Not me.

If you don’t believe me, scroll up a couple of pics.  Yep, that’s as good as it gets.  But, the fact that it is so afforable and that I can still use it in my summer pictures makes it worthwhile.  I will also wear it while I’m lounging about on my upcoming Caribbean girls’ trip.  Those girls don’t care what I look like!

These jeans are becoming my spring favs.  They are out of stock right now at JCP but a couple of you have asked about them so I’m keeping my eye out.

 I’ll post immediately if they are restocked because they will sell out again quickly.  That happens often at JCP.

Old Navy

My top is last year’s, I believe it’s New Direction from Belk.  I’m a little surprised that the cold-shoulder is still going strong.  Stores continue to stock new styles which means people are still buying.  I’m thinking by next year, it will have faded some…but what do I know? Haha

White Cold-Shoulder

Loving this new vegan bag from Social Threads.  

Customize your bag with three bag color options and seven strap patterns to choose from.  Buy separately.

The only problem is trying to decide which I like the most!

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