Sweaters With Pattern, 11 Trendy, Affordable Styles

Who’s with me?  A good cup of coffee is made even better in a fabulous cup!  It’s really kinda sad how excited I get when I find an animal print mug on clearance! I scored this one at Big Lots, on a clearance aisle for $2!  I did exercise restraint though because there was another one in leopard print!  

Today, I’m styling a patterned cardigan with lace up boots.

     New Direction


The turquoise colored jewelry adds a extra pop of color against the sweater.

      SUGARFIX at Baublebar

   SUGARFIX at Baublebar


I wear my Steve Madden lace up boots very loosely tied because if I tighten them, my calves look huge!  We do what we have to do girls.

Steve Madden





More cardigans pics here.

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