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This smart cookie forgot she had a hair appointment yesterday afternoon so it was too dark for new pictures (eye roll). Plan B…throwback Wednesday, that’s a thing, right? I chose pics from the past to put you in a Valentine kinda mood.

There’s just something about red that makes me happy. I always notice when others wear it and it flatters most skin types. If you are older, it instantly brightens your face. Below are six previous looks incorporating red or pink into casual and dressy outfits.

Looking back at this picture makes me realize it photographed prettier than it looked in person. The Loft blouse was such a nice deep red color and I liked the sleeve detail but it didn’t lay correctly on my shoulders and I knew if I kept it, it would just hang in the back of the closet, so to the thrift store it went. I should have exchanged the medium for a small.

Similar // Similar // Similar

This one is from a month or so ago and is still available at Loft. It is a nice front twist style that’s flattering and comfortable. I bought it on sale and it’s discounted even more now.

This one makes me laugh because when I wore it to school, a fellow teacher said it reminded him of Frankie Heck from “The Middle”. Look her up, it was NOT a compliment. Not sure I want her to be my fashion mentor, lol. I like the ombre effect (which I am covering with my arms) and sometimes; it’s just a sweatshirt kinda day!

Similar // Similar

Here is my pretty friend styling one of my favorite tops! Leopard print trend shows no sign of slowing down and the wrap style is super flattering. Thank you Kristin for being my model once again!

Similar // Similar

This dressy outfit would be perfect because thus far our winter weather has been so mild. My blouse came from Loft and the skirt from JCP.

Similar // Similar 

A denim jacket elevates this outfit, adding interest and a contrasting color to a basic red dress. I included denim jacket options on yesterday’s post. See here.

Similar // Similar

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