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Good morning Monday!  New week, new baby! Also, this week is state testing at school. Whew! We have so much going on!

IT’S A GIRL!!!!  Daisey Kent has been revealed!  The box looks extra rough because it took a dip in the lake before we all headed out there.  The hostess noticed it was missing and several men ran down the path.  The breeze had blown it into the water!  I was terrified it would open and we would all see balloons floating up, up and away. One of the men fished it out and I mean that literally; I think he used a fishing rod.  

You can see from the picture below how far away we all were from the water.  Luckily, the hostess had the precious box taped up tightly.

No one was injured during the retrieval of the box (except for several with blood pressure spikes)!

When I’ve had time to sort through the hundreds of pictures taken, I’ll include them in a post. Not all of them, I promise. Lol.

I (with 2 helpers) made baby snacks and they turned out well so I’ll be writing a post on those also.

Okay, back to clothing.  Wal-Mart’s Time & Tru clothing line is about a year old so maybe not so new but new to me.  I recently ordered four pieces for under $51.  I’m showing two today.

I ❤️them all!

Y’all know how I love a front tie. This one is a little off center with a nice detail.  A seam runs down the length of the top.  The material is a modal/polyester blend and very soft.

I’m wearing a medium.  Sand wash Tank (3 colors)

The nude tote, for the price, is very impressive.  I did a have small glitch with the piece that slips through the loop to close the bag.  It was not inserted when it arrived.  No biggie right? WRONG!

The strip was wider than the loop!  I thought I would never make it fit in there.  Honestly, I was considering sending it back! I wiggled and wiggled it, and finally pulled it through.  That sucker isn’t coming back out, that’s for sure!

I really do like it though.  Very roomy, no pockets but for less than $10, you aren’t going to get many bells and whistles. Plus, it looks more expensive than it is.  I’m good with that.

Leigh Tote (9 colors)

The white crops are Guy Harvey that I purchased on a girls’ trip to Grand Cayman a few years ago.


Slides are Steve Madden.


Necklace was a gift from my friend Diane.


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