12 Trendy Boot Picks For The Winter Season

Who doesn’t love a great trendy boot?  It makes the cold winter almost worth the trouble.

True boot story…I carried my favorite brown boots (Gianni Bini) to the shoe store to be repaired.  The owner looked them over, then proceeded to tear the sole away from the boot!  I’m no shoe expert but I knew that wasn’t a good sign.  He nicely told me they weren’t worth repairing and unceremoniously chunked them in his garbage can.  Not gonna lie, that hurt a little.  Granted they were only mid range in price and several years old but I loved them dearly.  Now I’m on the hunt for a basic brown knee boot.  Maybe Santa will read this!

note: I wanted to include a video montage but thought that was a little much 😉

These have certainly been around awhile but I’m seeing them more than usual this year.  Sperry seems to be most popular in my area, but L.L. Bean is another quality option.

My, my…there is a reason these have not only been around but also majorly trendy year after year.  Talk to almost anyone who owns a pair and they will tell you what color they wish for next (mine is red).

White booties hit the street hard last year and are still going strong.  They had to grow on me but just today I saw an influencer post this look on Instagram.  Gotta say I’m liking it!

     The Middle Aged Diva

Classic go-to boot, especially when it’s cold and I just want to wear a sweater and pair of jeans.  Hopefully, I’ll have another pair soon!

A pop of color on your feet is always a good thing! I love the stud detail on this pair.

Frye is an investment, so buying a classic like this one is smart.  The simple style will serve you well for years.  My sister-in-law caught these on sale on Black Friday. I’m so jealous!!!

I have this exact boot from JCPenney.  Very reasonable price.  So much warmer than a regular boot.  Almost like an over the knee sock.

One of my absolute favorite brands.  The quality of Frye but not quite as pricey.  I had to make myself leave their site while researching for this post.  It’s dangerous for me to be on there 🙂

The combat boot is spotted regularly on super models (think Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid), or trendy stars.  They have rough edge look to them and look great with skirts and jeans.

I completely forgot I have a paired almost identical to these. I pulled them out and wore them yesterday.  Mine are Diba True but these Lucky’s look just as good and don’t cost quite as much. Win, win.

I first thought I would have to include leopard because…well, leopard is everywhere this year.  But when I saw these, I realized that all animal print is big   this season and as much as I love leopard; these Steve Maddens in snakeskin are refreshing.

This boot checks several boxes.  The color, the suede material that is waterproof (what?) and the comfiness of the slouch.  Yep, I could really get into these.

This post makes me want to go out and shop!  I love shoes so much!!! There is just something about a good shoe that makes an outfit.  A bad shoe can certainly  ruin one!

I think I’ll go grieve the loss of my boots now…

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