Two Varsity Stripe Tops For A Casual Fall Look

26 days until my next giveaway!!! This time it’s a two-fer.  One will be chosen from any new subscription in September or October. The other will be anyone already subscribed to my current mailing list. The $20 gift cards will be from Walmart.

Being a teacher, I believe teachable moments come our way every day. I had a moment like this a few days ago. Within 24 hours, I was stung three times by the meanest fire ants ever, I stepped on a wasp and slammed by finger in my side door. I’m used to ant bites, they are attracted to me like moths to a flame. As for the wasp sting, I walked out on my front porch and literally stepped on one of those boogers. It was not happy and the sting felt like a needle through my foot. Result…a foot twice the normal size and wearing flip flops for the next two days.

The door slam was completely my fault. We here in Alabama (at least in our area) are being infested by stink bugs. Like everywhere! One teacher friend said those stinkers (literally) were even in his car. Mine aren’t that bad but I am tired of seeing them on my kitchen ceiling. I decided they were crawling through a crack between my side door and the door facing so I tried to wedge a piece of cloth in that crack (it has greatly helped, btw). I was closing the door very forcefully and forgot to pull my hand out…man that really, really hurt.

So, I have felt battered and bruised the last few days. Teachable moment… I think so; like maybe I should not go outside!

Yay! The temps have cooled down to the 70s and it’s so nice! I love transitioning to 3/4 length sleeves and wearing more fall themed clothing. Varsity stripe tops are fun and casual. I love the v-neck style and the material is super soft.

These varsity stripe JCP tops are incredibly priced right now so I bought two; in different sizes (M & L), to compare the difference. I love both colors and will pass one of them on to my daughter Kara but can’t decide which color I want to keep! She may have to decide which one she likes better.


Similar // Similar // Similar

The hunter green top looks more fall-ish and is a large so there’s a little more wiggle room. Neither feels skin tight but I like the large better. These are classified as Junior sizes and are Arizona brand.

I needed a black and a brown belt so I’ve bought one of each recently. This black one came from JCP and it is reversible, I didn’t even realize that until it arrived.The brown side is very dark. I bought a large.

This top is paired with my BlankNYC straight leg raw hem jeans.  Booties are Lucky Brand (similar).

I am soooo happy with my white pumpkin! Here is it on the porch steps illuminated with a candle. The card that was included states you may use a  real candle or a flameless candle. We only had this one lit for 30 minutes or so and the metal was HOT! So, I may be replacing the real candle with a battery operated fake-a-roon-i. Either way, it will look beautiful! We have two more ordered (another white and an orange).  I cannot wait to see all three on the steps.

White Metal Pumpkin

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