Versatile White Shirt With Denim And Espadrilles

It’s Saturday and we have a long weekend ahead! I’m so excited to have a day off, which sounds ridiculous since I have only been in school four weeks. But, to tell the truth, the first few weeks are the most difficult for me. Adjusting to the new routine, learning 170 new names and working out all the kinks that come along with teaching makes the beginning of school kinda tough. We are all settling in though and it’s been a smooth sail thus far.

I cannot believe how the first day of Saturday football caught me off guard.  I knew Auburn and Alabama played today but for some reason, it never occurred to me to have a football post ready for today! I even forgot to wear an Auburn top to school yesterday.  Good grief! Where are my priorities?

We will definitely be watching both games and we have friends coming over later. We even decided to serve take out pizza instead of grilling so the game watching would not be interrupted.  It’s serious stuff y’all! War Eagle!


I have been digging in my closet again and came up with a New Direction shirt that feels like butter.  It’s actually a tunic style, as you can see in this post. I decided to give it a slouchy knot with a tank showing underneath.  I like how the purple shows below the white shirt bottom because it gives the outfit more dimension.


My multi-colored mottled bar necklace is actually a 24″ but I pulled it up so it would show better in the picture. I like it so much with the purple tank that I think I’ll find a shorter chain and wear it as a 16″ also. I bought it at Style Encore Consignment Shop.


The darker crops and the rich colors in the jewelry give the look a little shot of fall, without rushing into it too quickly.


Wearing my espadrille sandals gives me height and ups the style of this casual outfit.


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