Ways To Wear A Basic Blazer

Diary of yesterday…it began calmly but became busier as the day progressed. Church went great. After eating barbecue with my brother and SIL; we all visited with Mother and did a few odd jobs at her house. Jim and I (and possibly the aforementioned SIL Wendy are beginning a new diet). Jim and I are starting tomorrow so we need to grocery shop ASAP.  That took awhile because the 3 day on, 4 day off diet is very strict with no substitutions. If you would like a copy of the diet, leave me a comment.

Let me back up a little. Before the grocery trip and after the odd jobs; I needed my boyfriend photographer to snap a few easy pics of me in the three camel blazer looks. Yeah, that didn’t go so well. Jim is the most patient, supportive person I know but I always feel bad when I need his photo skills. I would rather just take them myself, on my own time. I feel like I’m imposing. But, I was running behind this weekend and needed these pictures before the sun went down! We tried and tried and tried and none turned out well. The sun was setting so we finally gave up and went to the grocery store. Sometimes you just have to deal with what you have (shrug).

Anywaaaayyyy, here are several looks wearing the camel blazer from Loft.

First, we tried this direction, not great. Meadow behind me is pretty though.

Then we turned we other way, face was shadowed.

More shadows this way, but background was nice (except for the blue garbage can and the power lines). Oh well, now on to the outfit details.

I’ve always been attracted to the Ralph Lauren look and while this blazer came from Loft and not Ralph Lauren; the style remains impeccable. It is professional while being casual and gives you an extra layer in the cold months. It can be dressed up with a skirt and heels or worn with jeans and boots.

(similar // similar) (similar // similar)

Floral top from Loft (now 60% off)

After we shot those pictures; I ran inside and changed and then we headed to the store. We stopped on the way to try and take pictures again (yes, Wendy that is your pasture and pond). These didn’t turn out much better but the background is awesome. If only I had a horse in the pasture with me, lol!

The wind was blowing (as you can plainly see).

Wearing a tee with a blazer makes it casual and has a modern feel. I added a leopard belt to make the outfit more interesting.


(similar // similar )

Well, there were supposed to be pictures of  black turtleneck under the blazer but that did not happen. I did link some pretty ones that are on sale. Black and camel colors look really good together, trust me 😉.

Black turtlenecks (Talbots // JCP)

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  • Julie

    Can you tell me more about the shorter boots you have on in the first three pictures? They look like they only come to about mid-calf. Thank you

    • Delynn

      They are Michael Kors and a few years old. Sole Society has a cute pair on sale that is similar. They are called Wylann. Have a great day!

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