Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve, Or On Your Chest!

Love is in the air and every store has their version of Valentine’s Day merchandise.  Big hearts, little hearts, hearts on the elbows, hearts on the chest.  It seems that this year hearts are definitely on trend.

My sweater is from Loft and still in stock.  I bought mine a couple of weeks ago.  Use code Love for 40% off.


I like the half tuck with a thin sweater.  It gives the body shape and also provides the chance to show off a pattern with a stylish belt.  My skinny leopard needs replacing.  I’ve about worn it out.  I’m planning on ordering this one from Amazon.  I like that it’s a little wider than the one I have now.

Leopard Belt

My jeans look black but are actually a dark blue wash.  They are one of my two favorites.  These are Democracy brand.  My other favorite is William Rast brand.  I try to catch them on sale (which my daughter and I did yesterday).  They aren’t too awfully expensive (around $80), but if I can get them at $40-50, that’s a win!  They have a bit of stretch and fit so well, all day!

Democracy Ab Solution

I don’t wear basic flats often but these Indigo Rd. loafers dress up an outfit a bit more than my Steve Madden slip ons.  I tried on both with this outfit and liked these better.

Indigo Rd. Loafers

Steve Madden Loafers

Heart Sweater (9 colors)

Hearts on Elbows

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