Wearing Red and Ready For Spring!

I just had to include this “sun came out pic” even though shadows are the worst for a good shot.  It was warm earlier in the week (70 degrees!) and the sun felt soooo good!

I don’t know if y’all realize how brave I was, wearing a skirt and showings my bare legs in February.  These legs need sunshine badly! Yesssss, I wear sunscreen but I still need a base tan to feel secure enough for shorts and summer dresses.

It was a wonderful few days last week with temps in the 60-70s and it made me long for spring!!! So, I pulled this cargo skirt out and added a sweater to style a perfect outfit for those milder days to come.

The weather next week is supposed to be nicer here in Alabama so it may even be feasible to wear this casual outfit on Valentine’s day or night.  The color is spot on!

What are  your Valentine’s Day plans? I’m tallying your answers from yesterday and today on here and on Instagram.  If you haven’t commented yet, just add a reply below.  Are you planning on 1) staying in or 2) heading out on the town? Thanks!  I’ll post the results soon.

Grace Elements Sweater (5 colors)


Dickies Cargo Skirt

Chuck Taylor Shoreline Sneakers

Olive & Cargo

I appreciate you sharing a part of your day with me. Guest models & Valentine ideas coming soon ❤️


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