What Does Your Makeup Counter Look Like?

School was out all week so a nice Thanksgiving break for us teachers!!! I decided to take apart my acrylic makeup organizer and clean my makeup counter. Regular dust plus makeup dust had collected.  It was opaque instead of clear!

The picture below is only what is in the organizer.  It doesn’t even include my daily makeup essentials.  I keep them in the striped makeup bag.  I should look like Christy Brinkley with this much makeup.  But, I don’t …so not fair!

I keep my daily makeup in this bag,  no judgement on the broken blush please.  Lol

I probably should have taken a before pic of the dusty organizer, but I was a little embarrassed that I let it get that bad :0

Here is the nice, clean after.  I actually threw a couple of items away so that’s a win, win.


I’m pretty impressed with this lash serum.  I’ve been applying it for the last two months and I can really tell  a difference.  The price is extremely reasonable compared to other brands ($45 for the duo).  I bought mine online at Sephora/JCP.

After serum (no makeup)

After serum (with makeup)

   Grand Lash Duo

Not loving this naked face pic but wanted to show my eyelashes before and after mascara.  Btw, it’s hard to take a good picture of eyes! (Sorry, no pic before serum)

I pray you and yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!


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