What I Wore On My Exciting Spring Break

Full disclosure…my title may be a wee bit deceptive; unless you call mowing the lawn and doctors’ appointments exciting.  Getting things accomplished may be a better way to put it.  But that doesn’t make for a very catchy title sooooo…

I have styled parts of these outfits before so double click the post pictures at the bottom and that will take you to the links where you can click for specific items, if you so wish.  Some were from awhile back, so items may not now be available.

Monday – heading out to take my mom to a doctor’s appointment.

Tuesday -brunch and a little shopping  with girlfriends in Huntsville.

Wednesday – checking out a new dentist office with a cleaning. You have to check this link out if for no other reason but to see a pic of my two adorable hygienists.

Thursday – dressed like I’m about to take a hot yoga class when in reality I’m just hanging at the home place.  Cleaning my house is a bit like yoga though. Lol

I haven’t posted this Salt Life shirt before, you can find similar here.  I bought a men’s small because it was on clearance for $9.95!  Unfortunately, this cute short sleeve is not on sale.

Friday – dinner with a friend.

Saturday brunch and hiking w a friend.  

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