White T-Shirt & Denim Skirt Outfit

When Maple Holostics reached out to me and asked if I would try their Silk18 Conditioner and write about it; I immediately agreed.  I like the idea of using natural ingredients and goodness knows my hair could use some “holistic help”.  I’m excited to begin conditioning and will let you know how it goes.

So far, I’m sold on the scent. It’s  a sweet light vanilla smell and I like that it isn’t overwhelming to the senses.

Forgive me please for my third and last denim skirt look (for a while at least).  It’s such a simple look that always looks put together.  A partial tuck gives that purposeful vibe.

My sister asked me sometime ago when I was going to find a different back drop for my pictures.  Well, if she wants to drive from Huntsville every week to take my pics, she can have at it! Haha

I do get tired of the same porch background but I can control the lighting and the camera easier there than other places.  I don’t always have someone around to take the pictures and I can’t afford a professional photo session every week (maybe someday).  Until then, I will try and switch it up a little; especially now that the weather is improving.

I did it.  Pulled out the white sunglasses.  Don’t be jealous now, because I paid a whopping $1 for these at Michael’s.  Lol

I couldn’t find them online but you should be able to find in the store.  I bought a mint pair also.  No UV ray protection in them I’m sure, but nice to wear for fun.


Michael’s (similar, in-store only)


My super soft tee is from Nordstrom.  I needed a new basic t-shirt and a v-neck is always my go-to style.  It helps balance out my hefty shoulders!  Options for v-neck white tee here, here and here.

This outfit could be worn practically anywhere.  Throw on a cardigan and it’s the perfect traveling attire.  Comfort is key here but why not also look put together!

These Converse Shoreline Sneakers have served me well.  They were around $50 last summer (still same price) and there’s no doubt I’ve already worn them fifty times so I have definitely gotten my money’s worth.

Check out this recent post for denim skirt options.   Pink for Weekend Wear

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