Willow Tree Style and Rosemary Shrubs

O happy day!  It’s Saturday and supposed to be beautiful today.  I remember growing up hearing my mom and dad discuss the weather.  It seemed to me that’s all they ever talked about and it was sooo boring!  In their defense, dad grew a few crops (corn, potatoes, etc.) and mom had a garden so the weather did affect their day to day routine.

Now that I’m in my fifties, I find myself checking and discussing the weather often.  And I certainly do not have crops or a garden!  Maybe I’m just getting old and that’s the most interesting thing in my life, lol.

Without planning it, my post has a theme today…plants!   Kristin and I hit our local boutique, The Willow Tree last week.  At the bottom of the post, I’m showing off my pretty rosemary bushes.

The Willow Tree boutiques are located in four towns throughout North Alabama and carry ultra trendy looks at decent prices. You can follow them on Facebook here and @shopwillowtree on Instagram.

Green Top//similar

White Denim//similar

Sleeveless Midi//similar//similar

Graphic Tee//similar//similar

Striped top //similar//similar//similar

Black Distressed Denim //similar

A few years ago, I worked as an extra on movie and television shows.  I went to Atlanta and Nashville and did this for over two years…in my spare time, haha.  Anyway, I met some very interesting people and that’s how I learned about the ease of growing the perennial evergreen rosemary.  One I met was a landscaper and he told me they were extremely fast growing (mine are about 5 years old) and had low upkeep.  He was correct.  Trimming them is the only maintenance I have to do.

I have used my rosemary several times in recipes and as a decor accent (see below).   The scent isn’t too strong and the greenery lasts a long time. Mine doesn’t bloom but there are varieties that produce small flowers. I bought mine at Lowe’s.

I think Spart read my blog post about the fern fiasco and he’s trying to play nice.  He so wanted to be in this shot.

Throwing this clock on here because one, I love overstock.com, two it’s gorgeous and three it’s on sale!

Thanks again Kristin for supporting me!  You are willing to jump in the car at a moment’s notice and help me out.  I appreciate it!

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  • Heather

    How did I not know you were an extra?! What shows We’re you in? I have always wanted to do that becasue i have a froend who was in the Hunger Games!

    I love rosemary!! My favorite herb of all time!! I wish I had a plant that big!!

    • Delynn

      Haha! It was so much fun! Tyler Perry shows, the tv show “Nashville”, Alvin and the Chipmunks, etc.
      Rosemary is the easiest shrub to grow, imo. You should definitely try it!

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