You CAN Wear Black To A Wedding…Or A Tea Party!


The old rule of no black dresses at a wedding is outdated and certainly not followed anymore.  Black is a chic and classy choice, especially for an evening wedding.

I began searching for a black dress not for a wedding but for a British Tea Party. My eighth graders and I planned a celebration in honor of the royal wedding this past Spring.

Here I am wearing my fascinator, posing with props and enjoying my English tea and biscuit! We had a blast!


I was pleasantly surprised to find the dress I wanted online at Dress Barn.  It was priced less than $50 (can’t remember exact $$), and when it arrived I was thrilled with the quality.  They still have the dress in plus sizes.

I’m not being compensated for this but if you need a black dress for any occasion, look there.  Many beautiful choices and most on sale! Here is the link for black dress page.

The ruched hem makes this dress.  I feel so fancy when I wear it!

My favorite ankle strap heels had to be taken out of the car for these pictures because they are due for a trip to the shoe shop.  I have worn the heels tips off!

I actually got the heel stuck in between the porch planks while shooting these pics.

I bought them years ago but I linked similar options. These are very comfortable, I wear them often to school.  I think it’s because of the ankle strap.

DSW options:

It’s as easy as pie to make this dessert. Easier actually. Peach Dumpling recipe here.

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