10 Beautiful Winter Coats At Amazing Prices

Living in the South means loving the look of winter coats more than actually wearing them, for me anyway.  Lugging a heavy coat around and having to take on and  off is a lot of effort; especially since Alabamians usually have a fairly mild winter (this week being an exception).

Heavy jackets are more appropriate and less trouble, but oh how pretty stylish coats can be.

It was about 32 degrees when these pics were shot and my sweet friend Kristin agreed to take them as we headed out for shopping and a Mexican dinner.  That’s why I look (and felt) like a popsicle!

I’ve had this Banana Republic dress coat a few years.  

Caution: Red Hot Outerwear Ahead.  You may be tempted to add to your closet! I sure am!!!

                Fur Parka JCrew

          Nordstrom Midi




Now is a great time to load up your sleigh with gorgeous outerwear!  

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          Tan Coat/Leopard Scarf

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