Things Do Not Always Go As Planned

Things do not always go as planned.  Thursday night my phone would not charge.  I tried three chargers, including a new one; it just wasn’t happening.  I had a sick feeling, knowing what was about to happen.

I quickly texted my children and closest friends, letting them know I was about to be off the texting grid.  Thank goodness for email because that’s how I communicated for 24 hours.  It was brutal!

It made me realize how spoiled we are with our technology and to always be able to have immediate communication.  An expensive trip to the cell phone store and I’m back in my comfort zone again…almost.

It seems I have an Apple ID glitch so my iPad and iPhone will not sync. Oh me!  It’s so much more trouble right now to complete even simple blog tasks.  But, it will all work out.  It’s teaching me patience that’s for sure.

Which reminded me of this photo shoot; I was determined to capture a cute picture of autumn leaves softly falling around me.  Didn’t happen.  My photographer was so sweet and patient, many attempts were made but none turned out cute or even photogenic.

As I was getting ready to delete all the shots, I decided to include those pics and, like my ongoing iPhone challenge;  life isn’t perfect but we roll with it.

Maybe someday I can achieve the perfect pics but for now, I’ll just stick to safe poses.

A nice coat can make an outfit.  I love a neutral because it looks good with any color scheme.

        Dress Barn

A simple black turtleneck is dressed up with a faux fur leopard infinity scarf.



  Tangles & Ivy Boutique

My jeans are William Rast Perfect Skinny.

       William Rast (exact)


I’m so excited that Thanksgiving is almost here! My entire family (20 people) will be meeting at my mom’s on Wednesday night! My daughter will spend the night with me then go to her other Thanksgiving meals on Thursday.  I love this holiday and I am so thankful for my wonderful family!!!!

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