A Week In the Style Of A Teacher And How To Organize Your Outfits

Yep, I’ve styled some of these pieces before but the truth is, it’s been so doggoned cold, then wet here this week that I didn’t make it outside to shoot new pics.

I’ve been keeping up with what I wear daily since 1981.  The reason I remember the date is because that’s when I met what became a great friend and future sister in-law in my first year of college.  She shared with me that she wrote down what she wore in a daily pocket calendar.  I was impressed and copied the idea.  It made my life so much easier.  I didn’t  have to stand in front of my closet and try and remember when I had worn what.

Several pocket calendars from past years.

Sometimes it was hard to fit clothing descriptions in the small boxes.  Sometimes I forgot later what item I was describing.  Lol

I carried on this tradition until cell phones with cameras came along.  Digital photos made the outfit diary much more efficient.  Now, I have an album for school outfits and for Sunday outfits for each year.  Self-reflection is not always pleasant but it is a powerful tool for styling.

When I started the blog a few months ago, having two years worth of outfits on the iPad helped me pick and choose outfits to style.  You may not feel the need to catalog every outfit, but I would suggest to anyone that taking an extra minute to snap that pic is worth it.  It will save you many minutes in the long run.

  • Drape cardigan – Dress Barn

  • Burgundy Tee – Old Navy

  • Jeans – William Rast

  • Tan Booties – Belk



  • Black Cami – Target

  • Leopard Cardigan Coat – Belk

  • Black Stretch Leggings – JCP

  • Tan Booties – Belk

Leopard Cardigan Post

  • Red Cold Shoulder Sweater – JCP

  • Black Pants – JCP

  • Black Booties – Lucky Brand

Burgundy Sweater Post

  • Striped Top/The Pink Flamingo Boutique, Georgia

  • Jeans – William Rast

  • Black Booties – Lucky Brand

Striped Top Post

  • Floral Top – Belk

  • Gray Cardigan – JCP

  • Flare Leg -Belk

  • Frye Boots



    Similar/7 For All Mankind


Back to holiday looks tomorrow! Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping by!

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