Athletic Wear To Stylishly Shape Up The New Year

 I’m probably the only blogger not styling a nice New Year’s Eve outfit today but truthfully, the only new items I received as presents (other than shoes), are athletic and lounge wear.  I have ordered a few pieces but they haven’t arrived yet.

This style is what I plan on wearing to ring in 2019 anyway so why not highlight it on today’s blog post?




I have this crazy idea that if I dress cute I’ll be more motivated to exercise.  I so want to be one of those people; you know the type…they rise early to run a few miles then run their errands in their athletic wear.  Ahhhh… I envy them so.  I just wear my yoga pants and tanks to Target and hope that people think I’ve been working out. I’ll even put my hair in a ponytail to complete the deception.


JCP (similar, under $10)

JCP (under $36)


Asics (similar, mine are Saucony)


ZELOS ($34, buy 1 get 2 free)


JCP (under $12)



What do you do when your 120 lb. dog wants to be in the photo shoot??? You let him! 😂



This graphic Columbia top and the black ZELOS  top from above are Christmas gifts from my daughter.  Think it may be a hint to start working out again 😉


Columbia (under $18)



JCP, I also have this pair in black  (under $15)


Asics (similar)


Most of my workout gear came from JCPenney about a year ago when I was convinced a gym membership was in my future…it wasn’t.  Their prices are amazing and the quality has been great.  I don’t usually list prices but these are so good and I’m thinking they will go fast!


Another cute option 

JCP (under $18)

Thank you so much for spending a little time on my blog today.  It’s been an amazing year and I’m excited for 2019.

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