Camo Jacket & Graphic Tee For Thanksgiving

Do you ever have one of those weeks where you feel like you’re behind and getting behind-er as the days go by? This has been one of those weeks for me. I’m trying to get ahead on blog posts so I can go away for the weekend and not work. Kristin and I took up money for the middle school basketball gate last night so I didn’t have time to do much of anything else. 

Daisey Kent’s welcome party is Thursday night and I’m hosting which means making two crockpots of soup and decorating the house. Not sure when I’ll have time to pack since we are leaving early Friday morning and the celebration will go late Thursday night. I have so many lists made that I’m not sure if they are helping or hurting my organization. Oh well, it will all get done but I feel a bit overwhelmed. It sounds like whining but it is actually venting, lol. It’s all good though and I feel very blessed to be spending time with family and friends.

This could very well be my Thanksgiving outfit. I know it isn’t dressy but we don’t dress up for the meal at my Mother’s. Sometimes we end up outside so a jacket or sleeve is usually needed. You never know when you live in Alabama whether the temps will be 70 or 50 degrees in November so layering is usually a good idea.

I could not resist this Sonoma Goods For Life graphic tee, especially since it was less than $10. It has sold out but here are several other cute options.

My camo jacket came from Nordstrom and they still carry a similar option here. The boots are Frye Melissa.

Similar // Similar // Similar

I forgot to link my Time & Tru tote from yesterday. Walmart has sold out in the tan color but is available in four other options.

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