Perfect Peach Dumplings

Cheating a bit today, actually made these dumplings a few weeks ago.

I specifically chose this type of recipe because I won this jar of peaches during Teacher Appreciation Week.  Thanks office staff!!!

Simple ingredients, simple instructions… my kind of recipe!

Pan looks a little rough around the edges (pun intended), but my Joanna Gaines’s spoon and pot holder pick up the aesthetic slack.  Dessert was bubbly from the orange soda sauce (note how I’m using technical cooking terms now). 

Bonus: after sharing with family, I had enough to eat as my breakfast for the next couple of days. I know, sweets are a terrible way to start a day but it is what I crave with my morning coffee! Yum!

Each day the dumplings were better and better.  I give my effort and the recipe both 10/10. Score!!!

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P.S.  Cat-tastrophe Update! Kitty escaped from under my house and I’m sure has returned to its loving home. 😊

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