Cream Cheese Chicken Chili

Sorry for repost! Should be complete now.

Thanks to my friend Kristin, who shared this delicious  cream cheese chili with me! She brought it to school and shared at lunch.  So, now I’m sharing with you! (Note the cute Joanna Gaines’ placecard! A birthday gift from my sister). 😊

Chicken breasts should be placed in crockpot frozen.  Know that this dish takes 6+ hours to cook. I turned crockpot to low for the last hour or so.

After chicken is placed in the bottom, add rest of ingredients and stir.

Place block of yummy cream cheese on top and stir once it begins to melt.

Kristin recommended adding salt while it’s cooking.

Delicous and so filling!  Could be used as a dip also.

Thanks Kristin!!!

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