Details In An Outfit Make All The Difference

Every day seems to bring more bad news. I know that schools closing for the remainder of the year isn’t necessarily a negative. The spread of the virus has to be stopped and distancing is the only way to do that, but hearing that Virginia and other states have extended their closings makes me sad and uncertain about the future.

As for our schools here in Alabama, we are scheduled to return on April 6 but I really don’t see that happening. The virus count is up to almost 200 and I feel sure by the time this post goes out; it will surpass that. All restaurants have closed except for pick up and most stores have limited hours or have closed completely.

Jim and I made a grocery run on Sunday to Dollar General and Walmart and were able to find most of what we needed. No meat or toilet paper but we can do without meat for now and we both have tp. Hopefully, our stores will be stocked again soon. This alternate world is strange but I am able to be warm and safe at home (Jim is still having to go in to work) and my family is safe and healthy.

In the future, our sweet Daisey Kent will hear stories about this crazy time we are living now and when she was only 5 months old. All she will know is that she was kept safe and loved (and had plenty of diapers, lol).

Don’t you love this sweet bow tie top? I like a simple top with a detail that completely steals the show. Small details make all the difference in an outfit. This one came from Loft Outlet and the clearance prices are crazy low. It’s still available in petite and in both regular and petite in black.

The top is thin so a nude bra is necessary but thin also means the top won’t be too hot for upcoming warm weather.


Loft Outlet

Vince Camuto


These slip-ons are so comfortable! They work perfectly with this outfit. My pair came from Nordstrom and is now unavailable. Here are some options.

Similar // Similar

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