Do You Remember The Color Seasons from the Eighties?

Do you remember “color seasons”?  If you were of age during the eighties, you probably remember one of the hottest questions around,  “What season are you?”  To not answer immediately brought on a deep analysis of the color of your hair, eyes and skin undertones.  You would be “color seasoned”  by your friends in no time. (There is a simplified sample wheel at bottom of post).

I was definitely a winter in my younger days and I have to say; consulting that color wheel probably saved me from choosing truly unflattering colors.  I was not style savvy in my twenties or thirties.  I was birthing babies and raising babies (okay, only two but I was REALLY  busy); completing my second degree, third degree and beginning a new career.

So, mustard was never in my closet; not for decades.  Until now.  Fast forward to the age of 56 and to much lighter hair. I now experiment with new fashion colors, and for the most part, I like it.

Maybe I’m a spring now, I don’t know.  I think I could wear any color with certain shade variations and so can you! Play with color, take selfies and listen when people compliment you.  It will give you insight to your best look!

I receive compliments every time I wear this sweater and I have to say I feel pretty empowered.  Maybe the color season wheel has its place, but I’ve changed since the eighties and I want to step out of that box (or wheel, as it may) and try new styles, new colors!

Pretty in the front, adorable in the back!

Lace-up sweater/Belk

Love, love the dark wash of my Democracy jeans.  I caught mine on sale and you can too.  Now $47.60.

Democracy Absolution


    Diba True (on sale)

Same sweater with plaid skirt

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