Easy Twice Baked Potatoes

Did you know this was a chive??? Really, did you? (click on link to see pic)

Showing my ignorance here but I had no idea chives look like this.  They do not look thIs way in the grocery store! I knew they were an herb but always likened them to green onions.  

Live and learn.

(credit Wikipedia)

Anyway, this dish had me at sour cream, cheese and bacon!

Easy, peasy but you do need a little patience for this one.  It’s technically a side dish but in my opinion, nothing else is needed.  

Very yummy and filling.

Suggestion: eat a snack during that first hour of baking (healthy of course 😉)

The only down side is the time involved because of course, they have to be baked twice.  It takes an hour the first go around, about 15 min. prep then popped back in the oven for 16-18 min. more.  Around an hour and a half investment total.

I didn’t grow up eating these but they have been around a long time.  Growing up, Mom just boiled and mashed the taters (that we dug up out of our garden), added butter, salt, pepper and done!  Oh, and milk…be a little dry without that!

I made this particular recipe before I starting blogging  so I only have one picture.  Not really sure why I took it but potatoes look pretty good! I had not added the chives so they do look a little boring without them.

This dish was a hit with everyone who tried it so I give it a 10/10 for ease and deliciousness and 5/10 if you are in a hurry to eat!

(recipe credit: lilluna.com)

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