Gray Sweater Dress with Black Moto Jacket

Out thanksgiving break is over and we are back in full swing with school.  Three and a half weeks until Christmas break.  This time of year flies by.  Maybe that’s why it’s “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year”!  Lol. I love my job but breaks are nice and needed.

Most of my posts from now til December 25 will be holiday looks; casual and not so casual but today’s outfit is just an easy throw together style.  Black is always in and on milder days, a sweater dress with a thin jacket will suffice.

My jacket is Gianni Bini and it’s cloth, not leather.

     Levi’s Faux Leather

         Michael Kors

    Jessica Howard

Hue is my favorite brand of tights and I try to buy when they are on sale.  They aren’t super expensive but tights do run and tear so I have restock pretty often.  Teaching all day can be rough on clothing.

    Hue Opaque

Lucky Brand

We are headed toward the weekend and the end of November.  More holiday looks soon coming your way!

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