Lemon Slice and Bake Cookies

At my family reunion last Sunday, a first cousin made two Sweet Potato Pies in memory of our grandmother, Mama Sims. It was such a nice homage to our grandmother’s memory and it reminded me of one of my childhood favorites; her delicious tea cakes.
I don’t know if anyone in our family has mastered that tea cake recipe. If so, please send samples my way!

When I saw the Pinterest Lemon Slice and Bake Cookies, it reminded me of those thin tea cakes. That’s why I chose this week’s “Cooking On Purpose”.

Got a little carried away zesting.

The Dip and Sweep method; have you ever heard of this? Not me!  It is a way to measure out flour in a cup.  First, you aerate it by stirring and fill the cup without shaking so it doesn’t pack.  Level off the top with spatula or knife.

The other method is Spoon and Sweep.  This lady is serious about her flour measurements!  She has an entire page dedicated to these methods. Check it out here.

My dough was so sticky I had to keep adding flour.  I finally got it shaped into two 6×2 logs…kinda.

After refrigerating, cook time is 6-7 min.  Yep, that’s what is says. Nope, that’s not what happened. I ended up cooking these suckers around 15 min.  I think my cookies were too thick. I didn’t use a ruler to mark 1/5 inch like the author did.  You read right, a ruler!

All in all, I give this effort a 5/10.  Taste is pleasant but a little bland.  I think I added too much flour trying to de-sticky my dough.  

Pastry and Beyond, I’m sure yours are delicious!

I would love to hear from you!

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