Lightweight Jacket At A Great Price

“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”…do you agree?

When I was very young and working in a bank, a fellow worker complimented my shoes and asked where I got them.  I told her and she went and bought a pair.  Later another co-worker told me she could not believe what the first lady did.  I was confused but she explained that it was such bad taste to copy what someone else was wearing, and especially to go out and buy the exact same thing.

It’s funny that after all these years I still remember that.  I have never been offended by anyone asking where I bought something or even buying the same.  That’s the ultimate compliment.

Just yesterday on Instagram, a woman said I had inspired her to try the denim on denim look.  Made my day!

So….after all that, here is the gist.  I totally copied my daughter-in-law when she was at the house for Christmas.  Loved her jacket, looked at the brand (32 Degrees), ordered from Amazon and voila!  Like magic it arrived a couple days later.

It is ultra lightweight and has a detachable hood.  Our weather has turned mild so I’ve already worn it five or six times since it arrived.

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Whose look do you copy?

 Have a great Monday!

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