Neutral Cardigan with Black Skirt

I am wearing nothing new today and I have styled everything I have on except for the silky scarf.  Alternate outfits pics and links are at bottom of the post.

Coincidentally, my black skirt is the exact length of my cardigan so you can’t even see it.  I did not realize this until I was editing pictures.  I don’t wear a shorter skirt anymore unless I have very thick tights on underneath.  My days of short dresses and skirts are long gone.

These Hue tights are almost like leggings. They are super opaque. Plus, a long cardigan covers what needs to be covered.

Hue Super Opaque (sale now for under $12)

It was absolutely beautiful last weekend here in Alabama with temps hitting 70!  That’s pretty unheard of for North Alabama January weather. That is about to change and by the time this posts; it will probably be cold again.  Rain and cold moving in. I took advantage of the nice weather though and took several outfit shots.

Below are previous posts styling the camel cardigan and the beige blouse different ways.

I pulled out my Sak purse and will use it for awhile.  I’m terrible about carrying the same bag for months.  It is a great effort to for me to clean it out and switch it up.  

Miss Me


Michael Kors




Lucky Basel Booties/Sole Society

Cream Blouse/Animal Print Skirt

Camel & Black Combo

Tomorrow…more closet couture.  Using what I already have to create different outfits.  I’m loving this because it is forcing me to think outside of the box.  

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