Pastels Make A Sweet Winter Outfit

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Dont get me wrong.  I like my reds, blacks, dark greens and blues in the winter.  But sometimes, isn’t it nice to wear pretty pinks, baby blues and mint greens?   It’s a refreshing change.

We have had almost non stop cold rain for the last few days so I’ve been trying a few different places in my home to shoot pictures.  Evidently, I have low lighting in every room!  Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Styling super casual today.  This is actually what I wore to school on Friday. It’s a nice time of year because school slows down except for grading and finishing last minute projects.  I can’t believe half of the school year has already passed.  2018 has been an amazing year but also one of the busiest I’ve ever had!

Mint green sweatshirt/baby blue fringe infinity scarf/jeans/lace-up combat boots/slouch socks.  

How comfortable do I look? Cause I’m really, really comfy!



Calvin Klein 

 Macy’s (5 colors)


Target//Forever21//American Eagle (40% off)

Steve Madden Combat Boots

Amazon Leg Warmer Socks

My daughter Kara’s new ankle boot socks. Check out her Facebook page here!

Have a blessed Sunday!

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