Pollo Fundido…Cooking With Kristin

Thanks Kristin, for another awesome recipe post!  You are a modern day Julia Child!!

I’m turning it over to her today so I can focus on the baby reveal! I have a feeling it s going to be either a boy or a girl. #corny

Take it away Julia…I mean Kristin!

I have to be totally honest – I didn’t know how this recipe would turn out and was a little nervous going into this.  I usually make things that are tried and true when cooking for other people.  Maybe I was just feeling adventurous 🙂  I’ve never made Pollo Fundido before, but it looked so yummy that I had to give it a try.

First, I had to make chili salt using a few spices I had in my pantry.  The instructions are linked in the recipe, but I didn’t make as much as what was called for.  Y’all, that stuff made this dish!  It added just enough spiciness.

Next, I seasoned the chicken tenderloins.  The recipe called for chicken breasts cut in half lengthwise, but I’m lazy so I bought the tenderloins.

They were good, but the breasts probably would’ve been better.  I pan fried these with a little olive oil.  While cooking the chicken I heated up the cheese dip in the microwave per package instructions.

After the chicken was cooked through and through, I poured in the cheese dip.  I used 3/4 of the container and reserved the rest to pour over the Spanish rice.

Thats how simple this Pollo Fundido was.  We loved this recipe and went back for seconds!

*The recipe called for onions, but no one at my house is a fan, so we skipped out on that part.

Pollo Fundido

Thanks again Kristin!  I think I’ll try that.  It looks delicious!

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